Novation HR

Novation HR

Expert HR consulting and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Expert HR management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

HR management solutions so you can build a healthy, growing business

Building a successful business depends on your ability to focus your time and energies on what you do best. On any given day small and mid-sized businesses are faced with a myriad of challenges, many of which can keep you from making actual headway. Our holistic approach to serving your HR needs is designed to provide you the freedom to excel.

Human Resource management

Business executives seeking professional outsourced HR management

NovationHR works with businesses at all stages of growth: from early stage businesses that need essential HR infrastructure and policies; to businesses in accelerated growth mode experiencing rapid change; to managed growth mode companies focused on stability. When properly aligned, your human capital can help you achieve your business goals.

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Private equity firms seeking strategic HR management and due diligence

NovationHR is uniquely positioned to bring strategic insights to the Human Resources operations at your targeted and portfolio companies. Make informed decisions with thorough HR and risk management audits to detect and mitigate liability. Streamline operations with strategic HR management that aligns employees with your investment strategy, reduces the potential for expensive and reputation-damaging crises, dashboard reporting, cost containment, and more.

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