Novation HR

Novation HR

Expert HR consulting and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Expert HR management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Firms
Support strategic growth

Detect and mitigate HR liabilities, enhance workforce performance and increase marketable value

There are many possible HR issues that can make or break your targeted and portfolio companies. We have the expertise to bring portfolio companies up to today's compliance standards, and manage potential threats and liabilities to reduce unforeseen costs and avoid crises.

Streamline your operations by eliminating inefficient and ineffective use of management team time spent on HR operations. We will help you achieve your business goals by developing, communicating and managing performance goals and expectations across the portfolio workforces. Enhance performance through compensation and incentive plans aligned to your portfolio companies' key growth drivers. Measure results through executive reporting of key workforce metrics.

With NovationHR on your side, you can market value-added HR expertise to targeted management teams as a benefit of partnering with your firm. We can help you build your portfolio companies up and ultimately exit at the highest price possible, with the least amount of hassle.

    Exit-stage solutions:
  • Best-in-class marketability
  • Avoid potential closing snags
    Hold-and-scale solutions:
  • Growth-focused human capital strategies
  • Aligned and engaged workforce plan
  • Executive KPI and risks reporting
  • HR management of employee-related crises
  • Buy-and-build integration roadmaps
    Acquisition-stage solutions:
  • Due diligence to evaluate HR risks
  • Written report of threats and liabilities