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Novation HR

Expert HR consulting and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Expert HR management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Holistic Results

Holistic Results
Our approach will bring Holistic Results™ to your business.
Human Resources for Holistic Results

Get HR healthy. Stay HR healthy.

We can cure your immediate Human Resource problem. Moreover, our Diagnostic Review will determine whether the problem is isolated or symptomatic of a larger HR related condition. The diagnostic is quick, painless and affordable. Take a seat in our green chair. It’s the easy first step toward improving the health of your business.

Take a closer look at our Diagnostic Review process.

Take control of your Human Resources.

Our diagnostic provides an HR Plan and Dashboard tailored to your business. The plan will guide the way to a healthier and more profitable business. Just as important, the dashboard will enable you to monitor and measure all vital HR metrics, giving you the means to predict and prevent costs, so as to sustain the vitality of your business.

Find out more about our HR Dashboard and metrics

Align your people with your business plan.

Ample research has shown the cost magnitude of partially engaged employees. The problem is pervasive and can threaten the health of any business. Aligning and engaging your employees to execute your business plan is key to your business success.

Learn more about Employee Engagement and how we help.

Bring expert Human Resource management and administration to your team.

Traditional Human Resource overhead structures can present cost impediments both immediate and long term. Just as risky would be to invest in a less experienced HR admin approach that can compromise the health of your business. Before you commit to either extreme, compare the significant cost and performance advantages of our experienced, holistic, and highly scalable HR management approach.

Compare the costs for NovationHR versus traditional HR approaches.

Capitalize on our holistic approach.

Don't saddle your company with an HR cost center, when you can capitalize on the Holistic Results™ our approach will bring. Turn your Human Resources into an important competitive advantage. With NovationHR as your human resource management partner, your program will be sized and managed exactly as you require, now and long-term.

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