Novation HR

Novation HR

Expert HR consulting and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Expert HR management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.

Cost Comparison

Compare the costs of traditional HR versus outsourced HR

Traditional HR structure

Annual Costs

Vice President of HR

Responsible for strategic planning and creation of policies and programs, plus communications for engaging, motivating and managing your teams to execute your business plan.

$121,000 - $131,000

HR Manager

Responsible for ensuring policies and procedures are administered consistently and in compliance with state and federal requirements.

$76,000 - $82,000

HR Administrator

Responsible for the day-to-day execution of human resource tasks.

$36,000 - $42,000


$233,000 - $255,000*

*PLUS the additional costs to recruit and build this department.

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Outsourced HR solution

Annual Costs

HR management and administration

NovationHR brings a holistic approach to your Human Resource needs. Our diagnostic process will help craft a strategic plan and HR dashboard to guide your decisions moving forward. And NovationHR delivers professional management and administration at a fraction of the cost of a traditional HR structure.

$15,000 - $50,000